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Re: [PATCH] proposed v3 source format using .git.tar.gz

Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> I think there is a mechanism in git to disallow replacing old pack
> files (i.e. forcing to create additional ones with only new objects),
> however, I haven't used that myself, yet.

The packs in the diff package would be basically the same packs that
git-send-pack generates when git is pushing objects to a remote
repository. Where the "remote" repo would be the contents of
foo_1.0-1.git.gz, and the "local" repo would be foo-1.0-2. Intercept
those packs in transit (how?), and then you can take the 1.0-1 repo
and later apply them to it to regenerate the 1.0-2 repo.

> On a general note: I think we definetly could need the better tarball
> compression support _before_ adding huge amount of history into the
> archive...

This would mostly be an optimisation for upload size, total archive size
is only affected if foo 1.0-1 is in testing and 1.0-2 in unstable.

It's actually much more significant to both upload and total archive
size that all 61mb of dpkg's .git not be put into its .git.tar.gz. Thus
the shallow clones with only a few hundred repos or so.

see shy jo

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