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Removing the dpkg-buildpackage diversion in dpkg-cross

I now have a replacement shell "library" (it's only 60 lines) that
replicates the functions of the dpkg-buildpackage diversion script from
dpkg-cross (which was perl) and with a few more tests I will be able to
submit this as a patch to the dpkg-buildpackage script in dpkg-dev. With
other changes to dpkg-shlibdeps to merge that into dpkg-dev, I
anticipate this construction:

1. dpkg-dev does not need to depend on dpkg-cross

2. dpkg-cross Enhances: dpkg-dev, Depends: dpkg-dev (>= 1.15)

3. This code (or something quite like it) in dpkg-buildpackage from
dpkg-dev (somewhere around line 87-ish):

if [ -f /usr/share/dpkg-cross/buildcross ]; then
 . /usr/share/dpkg-cross/buildcross

function enhance_cross {
	if [ $DPKGCROSSENABLE -gt 0 ]; then

The '-a' switch to dpkg-buildpackage then calls a new function, patched
into dpkg-dev:

	-a*)    targetarch="$value"; checkbuilddep=false; enhance_cross ;;

setup_cross comes from the new dpkg-cross file and basically implements
the path and environment changes within the dpkg-dev version of
dpkg-buildpackage to access /usr/share/dpkg-cross/bin/gccross and
cross-config.$arch files. gccross rewrites the @ARGV during the build
to ensure that the cross-compiler locates the correct headers and
shared object files. cross-config.$arch provides common cached values
for ./configure on the requested arch.

This way, the patch to dpkg-dev is trivial and debian-embedded can
update all the relevant files as often as needed without affecting
dpkg. (We don't need to bug you for future updates!) It's so trivial,
it could almost go in as-is - I just need to finish the dpkg-shlibdeps

The remaining changes are in gccross and porting the dpkg-cross
dpkg-shlibdeps diversion code into the dpkg-dev version (both are perl)
to use the binutils-mulitarch versions of objdump and strip.

dpkg-cross can then remove the dpkg-buildpackage and dpkg-shlibdeps
diversions and relocate the scripts into /usr/share/dpkg-cross
alongside the old versions of objcopy, objdump and strip for
reference / trouble-shooting. The final dpkg-cross 2.0.0 release will
remove the files completely. Only dpkg-cross goes into /usr/bin/. I'm
thinking that we could have a /usr/share/dpkg-cross/bin/gccross so that
there is no chance of the old scripts being called accidentally. It
seems strange to have a bin/ below share/ but I'm not sure what else to
call it at the moment. The only file on my system in a similar location
is /usr/share/openoffice/bin/openoffice-xlate-lang which is also a perl

This will be in dpkg-cross 1.99+2.0.0pre2 (experimental) - although
pre1 is yet to leave NEW. :-(


Neil Williams


Neil Williams

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