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Re: dpkg-triggers implementation status, revised spec as implemented

Ian Jackson writes ("dpkg-triggers implementation status, revised spec as implemented"):
> [discussion of triggers implementation]

I've merged it with the latest git head and the result is here:

It would probably be best if someone just pulled from that and checked
it in.  However, it's quite a large patch.  If you don't want to take
it right away, I can understand that.  There are likely to be some
more bugfixes as we test it in Ubuntu and Debian may prefer to wait,
at least to see if the changes break when you don't use triggers.

I'd appreciate it if no-one reformatted it or change the style.  If
you have disagreements with the code please discuss it here on the
list before making any changes.  Checking a significantly changed
version into the main Debian git will cause snarl-ups because our
merges will constantly need resolving.


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