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Re: Recovering dpkg's history and switching to a distributed VCS

Raphael Hertzog writes ("Recovering dpkg's history and switching to a distributed VCS"):
> following some discussion on #debian-dpkg, it appears that several people
> are already hacking dpkg in a local git repository (using git-svn
> probably). I did that myself because I'm not part of the dpkg team and
> I'm working on an improved dpkg-shlibdeps.


> The CVS repository is still on cvs.debian.org:/cvs/dpkg/

I have a CVS repository of my own which I think predates that.

I also have a bunch of pre-RCS versions.

> The arch respository is more problematic however. Scott has no copy
> anymore. Manoj still has at least parts of it with his SELinux branch:
> http://www.golden-gryphon.com/cgi-bin/archzoom.cgi/srivasta@debian.org--2005-selinux/dpkg--devel--1.13
> Tollef Fog Heen also has some parts in gluck.debian.org:~tfheen/dpkg/.
> It might be that Ian Jackson has a copy in a tarball that Scott sent him
> when the dpkg.org domain expired... Ian might check it on sunday (thus the
> CC so that he doesn't forget).

No, I haven't.  That tarball contains only wiki data.

> Once we have all the bits, I (or someone else) will try to integrate all
> that history in a git repository.

I have made available at
all of my own copies of the dpkg uploads from 1.1.4 to 1.4.0, which
AFAIK are only available in tarball format.

It would be very helpful if at least version 1.4.0 could be included
in any new repository's history.

My CVS repository is probably not useful to anyone but me and contains
mainly just my own messings about.  It was last modified in August


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