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Cleanup before install (Re: Purging of unneeded ... (cleaL10n))

It was good to have ability to make simple dpkg-deb wrapper [0] (for
clean locales script). Moving further, it must be noted, that current way
dpkg uses dpkg-deb isn't optimal for any kind of pre-cleanup, such as:

- removing locales, mans;
- striping scripts (comments: they're already in the source package)
- removing anything else, user may wish to remove from a package
  (files, that are useless may be cleaned on the next update, e.g.

Currently, dpkg is requesting two actions form it, from what i've seen:
- untar control information in directory "/var/lib/dpkg/foo";
- give me unziped data tar via stdio;

Latter is very strange. Why just not to move (mv) tree? What important
i couldn't figure out in current logic?

That tree can be untared and cleaned without taring it again, for sole
purpose of feeding it back to dpkg. Even more optimized way, i see, is to
return to dpkg directory of untared data, it can `mv' itself, thus
eliminating second exec of dpkg-deb at all.

So, what about making such option?

[0] at least dpkg-deb wrapper script available here

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