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Re: Adding file permissions to /var/lib/dpkg/*.list

On Fri May 4 2007 11:41:11 am Conrado Buhrer wrote:
> Hello all,
> I would probably be a nice feature to have file permissions added to
> /var/lib/dpkg/*.list files for several reasons.
> In case of mistakes all file permissions could be restored.

What kind of mistakes?

> It would facilitate installed package verification, 
> eliminating the need for tripwire. 

Tripwire does more than keep track of permissions.

> Perhaps you can think of more. 

I'm having trouble thinking of the two or three (far less 
than "several") reasons you've mentioned.

> RPM does it, Solaris pkg does it, AIX supports it. Why not dpkg?

I don't know.
Why do RPM, Solaris and AIX pkg managers keep track of permissions; what 
kinds of operations can those other pkg managers do which dpkg is 
prevented from doing because it doesn't keep track of permissions?

- Bruce

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