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Re: dpkg needs working dpkg to build


Thanks for your answers. I did, was Andreas said and changed the dpkg-architecture.pl script. Because I like small things that do exactly one thing, I split up the do-all-and-everything dpkg-architecture.pl script. The result was a new file 'archlib.pl' where all the functions went (copied from the original script) and some very small additional Perl scripts that do only print one variable, e.g. dpkg-architecture-host-arch-cpu.pl. Also I changed the m4/arch.m4 file that this used during configure to use the new scripts.

Maybe some other are interested in this, so I attached the changes.

If you think, this is the way the dpkg-architecture.pl should be refactored, drop me a mail and I can also add the rest of the scripts, clean up the code (i.e.: add comments ;-), change the Makefiles and write some man pages.


Andreas Florath

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