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Re: Erased small Debian repository.

Hi alexandre,

the debian-user mailinglist is better suited for your
question. But anyway:

alexandre suzuki wrote:
> I acidentally erased a small Debian repository
> in my harddisk together with the corresponding
> override file(used to build the Packages.gz).
> Is there a file from where I can determine
> which packages I had in the local repository?

Try looking in /var/lib/apt/lists, there should be a
file named like


containing the list of your packages, provided you didn't
run 'apt-get update' in the meantime.

> Nearly all the erased packages are installed in my
> computer.Can I reconstruct the .deb binaries
> (which dpkg uses to install them) from the 
> installed packages?

Try out the dpkg-repack package.



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