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dselect memory use

Back when 16M of RAM was considered a lot (~1996) dselect ran quite nicely on 
such hardware.  Now it seems that dselect is unusable on 32M even though hard 
drives used for swap are much faster now than they used to be.

Given the dramatic increase in popularity of virtual machine technology (with 
Xen being supported in Etch) it seems likely that a reasonable number of 
people will want to run VMs with small amounts of memory.  For example a P3 
desktop machine can not have more than 512M of RAM installed, this gives a 
maximum of 6 domU's if each domU requires 64M of RAM.  While if 32M of RAM 
was usable then there could be 12 domU's on the same hardware.

Is it possible to reduce the memory use of dselect?

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