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Re: Draft spec for new dpkg "triggers" feature

Ian Jackson <iwj@ubuntu.com> writes:

> A file trigger is guaranteed to be activated before the file in
> question is modified by dpkg; on the other hand, a file trigger might
> be activated even though no file was actually modified.

How should that work for the fonts, info pages, manpages, ....

In those cases it would be nice to have a trigger for a directory but
only have it called after the fact, when the new files are in place
and the old files already removed.

> When triggers are available, this will work as follows:
>  * gnome-foobar will ship its `omf' file in /usr/share/omf as
>    normal, but will not contain any special machinery to invoke
>    scrollkeeper.
>  * scrollkeeper will in its triggers control file say:
>        interest /usr/share/omf
>    and in its postinst say:
>        scrollkeeper-update -q
>    dpkg will arrange that this is run once at the end of each run
>    where any documentation was updated.

Isn't that a file trigger and would be called _before_ the file is
modified? The example is actualy the wanted behaviour while the specs
above seem to deviate.


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