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Next dpkg upload 2006-12-31


I'll be uploading next dpkg version (1.13.25) on 2006-12-31, which
should most probably be the last before the release. This one includes
the changes agreed with the RMs and a fixes for the config file to
conffile upgrade bug and the RC one. I'll commit the changes I've
locally tomorrow.

This is also a last call for translations, this is the list of the
ones that are not 100%:

  bs.po: 20t10f890u
  el.po: 668t120f132u
  hu.po: 867t53u
  id.po: 668t120f132u
  ko.po: 917t3f
  nn.po: 667t121f132u
  pa.po: 201t719u
  pl.po: 895t24f1u
  tl.po: 668t120f132u
  zh_CN.po: 732t88f100u

  bs.po: 62t2f225u
  el.po: 281t3f5u
  hu.po: 200t89u
  ko.po: 281t3f5u
  nn.po: 281t3f5u
  tl.po: 281t3f5u
  zh_TW.po: 281t3f5u

Commit if you have access to svn, or send them as bug reports.


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