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Re: Adding armel to dpkg and setting build cpu?


> Lastly, what are armv4l and armv4b, as opposed to ARM instruction sets
> armv4, armv4t or cpu versions arm920t, xscale...

If I am right, l means little endian, b big endian, and t means that the
thumb (= 16-bit) instructions are supported.

Got it. They are members of yet another namespace:
armv4[bl] are valid first parts of a gcc configure --target specification
(others are arm armv2 armv[345][bl] xscale strongarm armeb and armel)

armv4 armv4t etc instead are for gcc configure --with-arch
while arm920t etc are for --with-cpu (and presumably --with-tune)

With the benefit of hindsight, armv4[bl] might have been better names
for the EABI port, to avoid the forthcoming and eternal
which-armeb-are-they-talking-about confusion and, coincidentally, to
reflect the change of minimum cpu to v4(t).
Unfortunately (or fortunately), Maemo and Debian packages and
repositories are compatible (I just ran tests apt-get upgrading a
Maemo rootfs to Debian etch) so I guess we are stuck with armel and
two incompatible armeb's. Otherwise Maemo users won't be able to
simply include the Debian repo in their apt-sources list (or vice
versa). I assume that is something we want to allow... it's certainly
a boon for advanced users although I have had no feedback from
maemo-developers about the usefulness of doing that with the current
i386 Maemo and Debian repos (which are also compatible)

To add to the naming confusion, someone appears to have done an armbe
port of debian http://files.arcom.com/wsdd/packages/aelv4i1/armbe/


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