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Re: valgrind/dselect questions


On Thu October 26 2006 09:54, Ian wrote:
> Bruce Sass writes ("valgrind/dselect questions"):
> > Figuring it would be a good learning experience to try out the
> > recent patch for bug #395140 I applied it, installed the result,
> > did:
> dpkg and dselect have some custom memory allocation stuff.  When I
> wrote it it was hand-rolled but it was replaced by use of GNU
> obstacks at some point :-/.
> That would be top of my list of changes to back out.

Is that because pooled memory is not a good strategy for dpkg and
dselect, or something intrinsic to GNU obstacks?

getting back to the two original questions...

I am assuming the small bit of code I was able to "valgrind" is not
leaking memory because, since it is still reachable, the kernel will
free it up. So, maybe sloppy code but not really a problem.

Why did valgrind use all available VM, is that normal (I simply need to
add more swap space), or something else (valgrind bug, use of

I'm not a complete newbie wrt to coding, so no need to dumb things down
too much for me.

- Bruce

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