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Re: How are things going?

Steve McIntyre writes ("Re: How are things going?"):
> Christian Perrier wrote:
> >There has also been, IIRC, some exchanges with Ian Jackson. Probably
> >more could be done here.
> OK... Ian, do you have any comments/suggestions to make at this point?

Well, I've become more interested in dpkg recently.

Particularly, firstly I got one of the longstanding deficiencies (lack
of Breaks) addressed as part of my work on Ubuntu, although deployment
is still going to take a while.  I'm hoping to do the same with
hooks/triggers at some point, although this will need more discussion
as the design isn't entirely set down yet.

Looking what has at the code after all of this time has definitely
given me a revived interest in improving it :-/.  But although I'd
hoped to have some free time to do this in practice it doesn't seem to
be materialising, which means I won't be able to do much more than
give advice.

Thanks for asking.


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