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Re: Please improve the wording of the translatable messages

> Similar strings which are not merged, although they should be:
> --remove needs a single argument
> --remove needs one arguments

Fixed in SVN

> Note also the error in the second message  (this will need unfuzzification)
> "You need --help."
> "You need --help"

Fixed in SVN (in dpkg-divert, the dot was outside the translatable
string and concaneted to IT, which is W R O N G)

I suggest turning all others into one, or , better, several bug

All need translator's work so I prefer not fixing them. Moreover, some
needs program changes, which I don't feel comfortable (or even able)
to do.

> First person talk, it should be impersonal talk:
> "%s: failed to install %s; I'll leave it as %s: %s"

That one I could change, but I'm dumb for updating the PO files.

> Comments missing badly:
> "read %s: %s" - is this present or past form
> "close %s after read: %s" - this needs badly an explanation.
> I understand these strings just became translatable due to fixing of
> #165843, but still there is room for improvement.

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