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Re: Making Source-Version binNMU-safe

That is actually buggy. In case the Debian version is
"-1.0.1" your code would produce "-1.0", but the correct result would be

Um, yes, and I can fix that.
Can we decide on the naming issue (which one gets the "Source-Version" name) before I submit a fixed patch? :-)

I guess I've got myself into the position of writing a Policy patch
on version numbering while I'm at it....

This code should work, I think (provided nobody
uses a trailing -0 or -0.0 for their uploads, which
is one of the little policy points):
  # Get source version from possible binNMU version.
  $_ = $substvar{'Source-Version'};
  if m/-0\.0\.[\d+]+$/ {
    # binNMU after maintainer upload for native package
  } elsif m/-[\d+]+\.0\.[\d+]+$/ {
    # binNMU after maintainer upload for non-native package
  } elsif m/-[\d+]+\.[\d+]+\.[\d+]+$/ {
    # binNMU after NMU for any package
  $substvar{'Source-Version'} = $_;

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