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Branch with gettextized man pages

In the dpkg--man-po--1.13 branch of my Arch archive, you will find the
current result of the work of Philippe Batailler and Eric Madesclair
to switch the man pages of dpkg to PO format.

The C directory contains the original man pages.

Other directories contain PO files for each man page translation
work. These PO fils need checking by all translation teams as strings
are marked "fuzzy" most of the time (logical consequence of the

In each directory, a Makefile allows the generation of localized man
pages and the update of the PO files if original man pages are

The Makefiles probably need to be adapted to the general build process
of dpkg, but I think this is the most achieved version that we can

Scott, if you decide applying this, I propose to handle the calls for
translation updates. Just keep me posted...or we discuss this at


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