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[proposal] udeb shlibdeps files

d-i currently suffers from a mess involving the library dependencies of
udebs. Most library udebs have different names than their corresponding
deb, for example, libc6-udeb, but since the udebs that should depend on
them are built on regular Debian systems, their dependencies are either
calculated with dpkg-shlibdeps, and thus are wrong, or are hardcoded,
and thus break, or are noneixistant.

This problem makes d-i less robust at runtime since some needed
libraries are only pulled in by luck. It makes d-i builds more fragile
since the build system requires udeb dependencies to be satisfied, and
so we have to build-depend on a bunch of libraries we do not really use
for the build, and track changes to them. It makes the build hard to
understand as well, since some other libraries enter the d-i images due
to library reduction rather than as udebs, and it's hard to tell which
libraries are intended to work which way.

I propose that we fix this by making dpkg-shlibdeps generate correct
dependencies on library udebs when building udebs. This will mean making
it change its behavior when it is building a udeb, but rather than
hardcode the concept of a udeb at such a low level, I think we can make
it generic and possibly even useful for something else. So let's add a
new switch to dpkg-shlibdeps, -t (for type), which takes a string parameter
such as "udeb". The default type would be "deb".

Then extend the shlibs file format, so some lines start with a marker
indicating they only apply to packages of a given type. For example:

libiw 28 libiw28 (>= 27+28pre8)
udeb: libiw 28 libiw28-udeb (>= 27+28pre8)

If no matching line of the right type are found in a shlibs file, it will
fall back to the untyped lines.

I think that with this small change to dpkg-shlibdeps, we can get the
dependencies striaghtened out, and probably fully automate it all in
debhelper. I would hate to try to implement something similar without
changing dpkg-shlibdeps, so I hope that this meets your approval.

see shy jo

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