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Re: About dpkg translation, please consider i18n when choosing words

> > > Correct, it's a syscall.  This error is reporting the
> > > failure of a syscall, so has to use the name of the
> > > syscall that failed, obviously.
> >
> > In the version whoever will try to fix the error gets, yes.
> > In the version the user gets, no.  System calls don't mean
> I guess Jacob's answer is quite relevant in the point we (translators)
> want to make.

I just reread my answer...

In order to address both issues, one can say "there was an error in
stat with parameter <filename>", or "error in stat system call for
<filename>", but is wrong to say "could not stat <filename>" because:
1. stat is not a verb
2. a non-technical person will not understand too much from the message
3. is hard to translate

My point is: the messages can be rephrased so that they express the
same thing, but the message is clearer, more correct from an English
grammar POV and easier to translate.

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