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Some Difficulties with DPKG(sourcetobinary)

When trying to build binary .deb packages from debian
sources I get the following warning:(the same with

dpkg-deb: parse error in file `fltk-1.1.6/
          near line 8
      missing package name
I did : dpkg-deb --build fltk-1.1.6/  ,after applying
        patch and changing the name of the directory
        to DEBIAN(with debian ...no such file or
Now I don´t even know if this directly builds a binary
from sources.
(Or,if first,we need to do ./configure make and create
the binaries)
In rpm this simple command rpm -bb
builds a binary rpm from a source rpm.Some kind of a
Maximum DPKG
(regarding the free downloadable Maximum RPM book from
Red Hat),is 
needed(Or is it out there and I don´t know?).


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