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Bug#285686: Feature request to handle dangling symlinks.

Package: dpkg
Severity: wishlist


This feature request cover update-alternatives-

In but 270684 I have a problem with that the program vncpasswd
is considered manually managed. I do not really know in what
situations this occur but this can also be an action from the user.
(I do not think it is in this specific bug though).

* The problem is that if an user decide to manually change
  an alternative, for example vncpasswd.
* If this package is removed or purged the alternative symlink is
  still there (but dangling).
* If the user then install a new package that provide the same
  program the symlink will still be dangling as it is pointing
  to the old program and considered manual.

What I would like is that if the symlink is a dangling symlink
it should be alwys be considered to be automatically managed.

What do you think about this? Would this be a good feature?


// Ola

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