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Re: binary NMUs and version numbers

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
1.rc << 1.rc2 << 1.rc+b1
1.2-1~beta << 1.2-1~beta2 << 1.2-1~beta+b1

1.2~beta-1 << 1.2~beta-1+b1 << 1.2~beta2-1

Keeping the Debian revision simple is a Good Thing.

Adding the implicit '0' that dpkg assumes on versions ending in alpha
chars would solve both cases:

That'd mean REJECTing uploads whose versions match "[^0-9]+[a-z][0-9]+$" presumably.

Another case that should be considered is the existing use of + for
revisions of a cvs snapshot (e.g. mutt uses a + but always does so): 1.2-20041208 "<<" 1.2-20041208+2 "<<" 1.2-20041208+b1

Hrm, why isn't this 1.2+20041208-1 ? Isn't the date describing the upstream version? Or "1.2-20041208-1", or "1.2+cvs20041208-1" or whatever.

-rw-rw-r--   16 katie    debadmin  2908273 May  2  2004
-rw-rw-r--   16 katie    debadmin   412082 Nov 17 10:17

It seems to result in rather large diffs, and I can't really see the benefit?

There are 3 simple solutions to this:
1. forbid + in debian versions and think of another character instead
   doing the same (must be < '.')

Actually, that doesn't work either -- otherwise a new maintainer version (x-y#1) compares less than an old NMU (x-y.1). For the same reason "= ." doesn't work.


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