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Bug#284013: dpkg --get-selections with package sizes?

On Thursday, December 02, 2004 10:14 PM, Daniel Lakeland
<dlakelan@street-artists.org> wrote:

> package: dpkg
> version: 1.10.11

Just out of interest, why? That version of dpkg is over a year old, and is
not currently present in any of stable, testing or unstable.

> There is no way to easily get a listing of installed packages with
> sizes so that one can clean up a Debian system which is running out of
> room.

Using dpkg itself, possibly not. The man page of the grep-status tool (from
the grep-dctrl package), however, contains an example invocation to do
precisely that:

   grep-status -FStatus -sInstalled-Size,Package -n "install ok installed" |
paste -sd "  \n" | sort -n



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