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Bug#243304: dpkg: eroneous md5sum gave malformatted output

On Mon, 2004-04-12 at 06:34 -0400, John Covici wrote:

> I am getting md5sum gave malformatted output on any pakcages I try to
> set up -- even a downgrade to a package which obviously did not give
> this error before.  Maybe the previous fix never fixed the problem (or
> not in all cases).  On one of my systems with the same dpkg I am not
> getting this, but on the other system I am.  The system with the problem
> has 2.6.2 kernel.  Not sure if this is related.  Also, dselect seems to
> have disappeared (binary is still there, but as you see its says purged
> below).
Could you give an example of this malformality please... ?

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