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Bug#133640: new dpkg packages up for testing

/* Cc: 133640@bugs.debian.org */

Ognyan Kulev wrote:
I've reinstalled my Hurd and the SEGV doesn't appear anymore, so my report is no longer reason for holding But there is 1.10.21 upstream with long changelog entry, so I guess it's best the patch to be re-applied to this newer version.

I've found why start-stop-daemon signals SEGV on my old installation. It's reproduced when new hurd package is compiled and installed. As we know, since last hurd package upload 20040301-1, there is an API & ABI change in libihash. libihash is used by libps, (1) so all programs that use libps should be recompiled, including start-stop-daemon of dpkg.

Unfortunately, it's not only that. (2) In start-stop-daemon, old function ihash_iterate should be replaced with HURD_IHASH_ITERATE. There are two problems with this replacement. In struct ps_context of ps.h, surprisingly struct hurd_ihash is used instead of hurd_ihash_t for some fields. (3) So parameter to HURD_IHASH_ITERATE should be &context->procs instead of just context->procs. And the last problem is that (4) HURD_IHASH_ITERATE uses C99 style definition of variables inside for statement and dpkg doesn't enable this style by default.

After all these things are made, I experience no problem with patched 1.10.21.


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