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Bug#248693: hooks for extra local administrator's preinst postinst prerm postrm

Package: dpkg
Severity: wishlist

Idea: hooks upon installing or removing or even reconfiguring any
package that would look for system administrator extra scripts for
that package.

E.g., after any wwwoffle upgrade I want this to fire up:
grep no-delete $f >/dev/null||echo NO-DELETE missing from $f !!
to be sure that I know about an unfixed critical bug before it blows
away my database.

In fact I'd also like to send myself reminders "remember to backup
wwwoffle-namazu database" upon (just before) any wwwoffle upgrade.  Or
in fact instead of sending it I could echo it. then "echo hit RET to
proceed; read" so I would indeed do it before going any further into
the installation.

upon (just after) fetchmail upgrades, I'd like to send myself
reminders "check that x y z symlinks have not been relinked".

etc. etc. lots of little things to do upon installing/removing various
programs... so maybe instead of just running
/var/lib/dpkg/info/xxxx.yyyy, one could also look for

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