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Bug#92263: dpkg --list truncates package names?


  dpkg-query has the very same problem, (redirected output is 80
characters wide). The value of the COLUMNS variable _does nothing_ when
you redirect the output, the result will be still 80 characters wide.
Unable to use for scripting. The easyest thing for me now is to do
grep on status file, but as I believe it is not the WAY.

  Additionally: The value of the COLUMNS does nothing (again!!!). The dpkg
program queries the width of the screen in other ways (don't know how).
Try it! Manipulate COLUMNS, and run dpkg -l, it will be always as wide as
the terminal, not the value of COLUMNS.

Thanks: Nil.

$ dpkg -l
$ dpkg -l | cat
$ dpkg -l
$ dpkg -l | cat

--- Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org> wrote:
> Set COLUMNS=###, or use dpkg-query.

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