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Bug#241025: pointer freezes while using dselect in a shell

Package: dpkg
Version: 1.10.20

System Information: Kernel 2.6.4, KDE 3.2.1, xserver package ver 4.3.0-7, 
dselect and dpkg 1.10.20

While having dselect downloading and installing new packages and myself 
working around in different programs on kde the pointer suddenly freezes. 
Logging out of kde using ctrl/alt/backspace seems to shut down all desktop 
programs but doesnt log out and continues to show only the wallpaper without 
restoring the kde login screen. changing to a console via ctrl/alt/F1 (or 
others) has no effect - the system seems to be frozen on the wallpaper. Since 
I cant get access to console only reset button restarts to machine. 
Reinserting the mouse into an usb slot has no effect, the pointer stays dead. 
When hanging up for some reason the pointer laser stays on. When replugging 
the mouse intos to slot it stays off - the pointer doesnt get accepted by the 
system so the bug might be triggert by some usb-agent.

Unplugging and reinserting the pointer works fine normally. Only after it hung 
up in the above way the usb port seems to be dead. 
The Bug was also reported considering hotplug as #239017 which from todays 
point of view wasn't the reason for it.
The freezing only appears when dselect/dpkg was running in a shell so I used 
dpkg package for the header.
Please contact me if you need further information or log entries. 

I collected some error messages that were shown at the time the pointer "hung 

loaded modules considering the pointer

Mar 30 12:52:45 christian kdm_greet[1579]: Can't open default user face
Mar 30 12:54:58 christian kdm[1536]: X server for display :0 terminated 
Mar 30 12:55:04 christian kdm_greet[1938]: Can't open default user face

Mar 30 12:50:01 christian kernel: usb 1-2: control timeout on ep0in

Mar 30 12:50:00 christian syslogd 1.4.1#13: restart.
Mar 30 12:50:01 christian kernel: usb 1-2: control timeout on ep0in

various logs tell me also while booting that 
kernel drivers evdev /joydev are already loaded
sometimes it also says that 
kernel driver hid is already loaded. 
Does the /etc/modules interfer with the usb kernel drivers or usb-agent?

greets chris

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