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Bug#239322: Dependency should determine unpack order

On Thu, 2004-03-25 at 23:44, Florent Rougon wrote:
> Since none of the dpkg gurus answered yet, I would like to mention that
> the unpacking order is influenced by Conflicts relations between
> packages (possibly due to apt, don't know). This can avoid file clashes
> in certain situations. So, having this unpacking order at the same time
> influenced by Depends relations is perhaps asking a bit too much.

Thanks for raising this point.

If apt is the one that takes Conflicts into account when ordering
unpacks then this shouldn't present an obstacle to changing dpkg
so that when dpkg is given several packages to install it unpacks
them in the same order as it configures them.  If dpkg itself takes
Conflicts into account then adding a new factor to consider could
(I agree) make the ordering algorithm too complex.

This feature is only worth adding if it can be added in such a way
that a unidirectional Depends _guarantees_ that the Depended-upon
package is unpacked before the Dependent package.  Otherwise a Depends
couldn't be relied upon to order the unpacks in the way they need to
be ordered for conffile adoption to go smoothly; so the maintainer
would still have to resort to a Pre-Dependency.
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