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Bug#237734: dpkg: should support single character package names

package dpkg
severity 237724 wishlist
retitle 237724 [TRIVIAL] support single character package names
tags 237724 patch

On Sat, 2004-03-13 at 06:10, 40311.nospam@comcast.net wrote:

> When testing dh_make on it, I discovered single character package names are illegal.
> Obviously, it would be stupid to put a single character package in a real repository,
> but with the attached patches it installs on my system just fine.
This is more policy than anything else...  I don't know if there's any
technical reason why you can't have single-character package names.

Either way, cl-debian should be Debian-policy conforming and reject
them; the patch to parsehelp.c could be accepted though.

btw. your patches are backwards.

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