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Bug#211660: don't add stricter checks short before release

tag 211660 pending

On Fri, 19 Sep 2003, Andreas Barth wrote:

> > > How do you expect us to release sarge when introducing FBFTS after the
> > > last minute and without warning on d-d-a? dpkg fails now if there is
> > > no space between the package name and the () for the version (example:
> > > "glibc(>>2.0)" don't work any more).

Bugs are bugs.  If packages have invalidly formed fields, isn't it better to
discover them now, before we release, instead of after?  (ie, #211292)

> You can test that with any package that use versioned dependencies.

No.  Most packages includes spaces, as it's easier to read.

> It _is_ a policy violation, because this programm fails for other
> policy conforming programms on the interface that's described in
> policy.

Anyways, the issue is moot.  I've fixed this in .14.

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