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chkconfig's alternatives.c

I'm working on a new dpkg release(minor).  While applying several fixes to our
copy of update-alternatives(still in perl), I decided to try and find the c
rewrite that redhat had done to it.  After some searching, I found nothing.  A
fellow developer on irc pointed me at chkconfig, which, oddly enough,
contained the c rewrite.

I then started looking at it's manpage, and noticed several oddities.  The
title in the page says update-alternatives, while the name says alternatives.
Also, several places you mention this was imported from debian, yet in the
author section, you say it's copyright it's redhat.  I would have prefered to
have some kind of recognition there.

Additionally, I've patched several old bugs in our implementation, and added
some new features.  You might want to check them out.


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