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Bug#208014: dpkg: Improvements to the update-alternatives manpage

Package: dpkg
Version: 1.10.10
Severity: wishlist

The --config option is missing from the list of actions in
update-alternatives(8).  It is mentioned in the text and synopsis,
but should really be found next to its friends like --display.

The patch below adds an entry under the ACTIONS section, and also
adds a new EXAMPLES section so that people can see the most common
usage at a glance.  The patch is against dpkg-1.10.10

--- scripts/update-alternatives.8.orig	Mon Aug 25 10:18:20 2003
+++ scripts/update-alternatives.8	Sun Aug 31 13:16:05 2003
@@ -210,6 +210,42 @@
 When a link group is in manual mode,
 the alternatives system will not make any changes
 to the system administrator's settings.
+There are several packages which provide a text editor compatible
+.BR vi ,
+for example
+.BR nvi " and " vim .
+Which one is used is controlled by the link group
+.BR vi ,
+which includes links for the program itself and the associated manpage.
+To display the available packages which provide
+.B vi
+and the current setting for it, use the
+.I --display
+update-alternatives --display vi
+To choose a particular
+.B vi
+implementation, use this command as root and then select a number
+from the list:
+update-alternatives --config vi
+To go back to having the
+.B vi
+implementation chosen automatically, do this as root:
+update-alternatives --auto vi
 Exactly one action must be specified if
 .B update-alternatives
@@ -321,6 +357,13 @@
 \fB--list\fR \fIlink\fR
 Display all targets of the link group.
+\fB--config\fR \fIlink\fR
+Show available alternatives for a link group and allow the user to
+interactively select which one to use.  The link group is updated
+and taken out of
+.I auto
 .I /etc/alternatives/

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