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Bug#58106: dpkg: Lists old (incorrect) section in package database

On Thu, 28 Aug 2003, Josip Rodin wrote:

> Has it occured to you that the one who did it isn't watching the bugs,

Yes, it has. Maybe he's no longer a debian developer. Maybe he doesn't
even work with computers. There are a lot of possibilities. Hence I didn't
want to blame him (I don't even know who he is), and if I could be
misunderstood, then I do apologize. I don't want to hurt any particular
person or blame anyone. All the nasty things I said was meant to go to the
quality of work of the whole team as a team and organization, not as
individuals. And believe me I wouldn't have written this if this was the
first time I was very disappointed in dpkg's development.

> and that nobody else knows?

I didn't know either.

I spent some time to catch this bug. Not very much time, and definitely a
dpkg-developer would need even much shorter time. I simply can't believe
that the debian team couldn't have spent this much time on this bug in the
last 3.5 years. I'm sure that the question is not whether they can fix the
bug or not, and not whether they have time to do it or not. The question
is whether they care about it or not. The answer is trivial. That's why
I'm so disappointed.

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