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Bug#143701: website inquiry...

Our team was checking out your website the other day and we noticed you
are an established leader in the direct sales and network marketing
industry.  Right now we are only looking to communicate with leaders.
Also, before you read below, please remember we are the first party to
contact you regarding this and we guarantee someone else will contact
you especially if you hesitate...

Although we have our great share of SEASONED leaders through out our
ever-expanding TEAM , big players in the industry have been slipping out
of our hands to other associates left and right because of the momentum
surge taking place so we had to throw the above statement out there.
Surely you will agree that what you are about to check out is THE
sexiest product/service in the world and most importantly the largest
industry at $6 trillion annually...  What makes this so special and
second to none is the fact that not a single network marketing/direct
sales company is tapping THE largest industry in the entire world...
Except us.
This next point will give you a pretty good idea as to what we are
talking about and we'll leave it up to you to check out the site and
make your decision if you want to give us a call to get to know us as
well as explore our experience.
Every leader knows that you must have a sense of urgency that is genuine
and you will agree it can't get more genuine than this... the OFFICIAL
launch event is October 16th through the 19th in the fabulous city of
Las Vegas.  ;)
The full momentum has started within the last 4 weeks so if you are at
least open minded enough to watch a cool, yet informative movie, click:
www.unitedsuccess.travelogia.com/newce/presentation/ceflash.htm and
register for FREE at the end of the movie or if you are lazy ;) you can
do it straight from here and have a taste of our patented software for
free: http://unitedsuccess.travelogia.com/newce/register_dl.asp
If you are on dial up click: www.unitedsuccess.travelogia.com/ce and go
through 1, 2 and 3. (Low bandwidth) 
You may call us at the number below anytime as we do this fulltime
especially if you want the distributor's side...
P.S. If you are still hesitant about registering for free, we should
also let you know that by doing so you will receive a 3 day 2 night
vacation stay in one of over 20 resorts including Cancun Mexico...

John P. Richardson
Active member of 
"The Inner Circle"
How would you like to get paid on EXPEDIA, ORBITZ, TRAVELOCITY,
CHEAPTICKETS and over 40 more all at the same time?? How would you like
to promote something that 98% of the world LOVES and is passionate about
let alone is always in need?? No product storing or hard sale...
Register for free today and get your "REAL" 3 day vacation stay!(yes it
is REAL:)) http://unitedsuccess.travelogia.com/newce/register_dl.asp
If you wish to be removed of our database please let us know by replying
with remove in the subject line... Thanks

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