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Re: dpkg and debhelper patches for lib64 support

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On Thursday 19 June 2003 01:21, Adam Heath wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> > What you're proposing here is a very different approach to the
> > one you outlined above. Instead of changing the value of some
> > fields, this builds a binary package or skips it conditionally based
> > on a definition. Either way can be used to solve the problem
> > but we should decide for one of them instead of supporting both.
> Well, it's been slightly discussed to support #ifdef like functionality,
> and comments, in debian/control

AFAICS, when we have #ifdef in debian/control, there would be
no need for 'Package.64:' any more:

%if ! ${lib64_arch}
Package: libfoo1
Package: lib64foo1
Architecture: any
Description: base libraries for the bar project
The foo1 library provides foo to bar applications
%if ${lib64_arch}
This is the 64 bit version of libfoo1.

(Yes, that is roughly what rpm 4 does.)

> > When the 'modules' subfield is selected, the modules are built,
> > otherwise, it will be skipped because of the default 'Architecture:'
> > value.
> This is special casing the processing based on the value of a field.  This
> is not how things are going to be done.


> debian/files.in -> debian/files
> debian/files.in -> debian/files64
> If you really want to avoid duplication.

When debian/files is already preprocessed, why not always do
 debian/files.in -> debian/files ?

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