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Bug#151662: #151662: dselect: changes selections without notice

Please consider the following sequnce of events:

- in the package listing, I hit ENTER to validate my changes

- because of unsatisfied recommends I don't want to honor, AND of
other legitimate relashionships, I get a resolution dialog

- I hit R to be sure my wishes wrt Recommends are honored, and review
one by one the other packages

- if I hit ENTER, the Recommended packages are selected against my

Now consider that someone may choose not to honor some Recommends to
be sure not to expose my machine to a potential attack of some sort,
or a potential bug that would cause data loss: dselect will overide

Thus this bug, being in one of the most critical pieces of software of
our system, HAS the potential to cause datage to our system.  'grave'
is thus IMHO not an inflated severity, and I suggest it should be

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