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dpkg on mips, with nfs root


I run Debian unstable on my SGI MIPS, and i`m having some troubles with dpkg.

When just running "dpkg" without any options, i get a segfault. If i run "dpkg" with options (like --install, or --help) it works without any problem. But there is a option that wont work, and that is --prune. If i run that, it will segfault again.

I`m somewhat new to debian, so if you need some info about my system just tell me what you want.

uname -a:
Linux hugs.carebears.net 2.4.20 #13 Thu Jan 23 20:28:22 CET 2003 mips unknown unknown GNU/Linux

my fstab:       /       nfs rw,nolock 0 0
none                            /proc   proc defaults

Med Vennlig Hilsen / Best regards
Christer Gundersen / dizzy tun3Z
http://dtz.cjb.net - http://carebears.mine.nu

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