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Bug#175897: dpkg-dev: dpkg-source(1) man page tweaks

Package: dpkg-dev
Version: 1.10.8
Severity: wishlist

The dpkg-source(1) man page should mention 'fakeroot' as a useful value
for the '-r' option of 'dpkg-buildpackage'.  There is also a minor
formatting bug in the '-I' option description for that program.

Here is a patch to fix both:

--- scripts/dpkg-source.1.orig	2003-01-08 21:04:26.000000000 +0000
+++ scripts/dpkg-source.1	2003-01-08 21:04:48.000000000 +0000
@@ -569,7 +569,7 @@
 .\" what happens, if it contains spaces? (hs)
 .I gain-root-command
 might typically be
-.BR sudo ", " super " or " really .
+.BR fakeroot ", " sudo ", " super " or " really .
 .B su
 is not suitable, since it requires a
 .B -c
@@ -623,7 +623,8 @@
 .B -I<filename>
 Passed unchanged to
-.BR dpkg-source . May be repeated multiple times.
+.BR dpkg-source .
+May be repeated multiple times.
 .B -D
 Check build dependencies and conflicts; abort if unsatisfied.

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Kernel Version: Linux blacktooth 2.4.17 #2 Sat Mar 16 15:36:42 GMT 2002 i686 unknown unknown GNU/Linux

Versions of the packages dpkg-dev depends on:
ii  binutils The GNU assembler, linker and binary utiliti
ii  cpio           2.5-1          GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of 
ii  make           3.79.1-14      The GNU version of the "make" utility.
ii  patch          2.5.4-11       Apply a diff file to an original
ii  perl-modules   5.6.1-8.2      Core Perl modules.
ii  perl           5.6.1-8.2      Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report
	^^^ (Provides virtual package perl5)

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