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partialy merge of dpkg-cross

hi folks

this patch merges partialy the dpkg-cross changes.

- new variables DEB_(HOST|BUILD)_ELF_TYPE (not used yet)
- new option -r: defines following variables: CC, CXX, AR, AS, LD,
  RANLIB, STRIP, CONFIG_SITE (autoconf), MAKEFLAGS (for overwriting
  of other definitions), PKGCONFIGPATH (pkg-config)
- if -a is specified, use dpkg-architecture with -r to define variables
  (i don't know, if i should change the current behaviour in this way)
- if HOST_ARCH != BUILD_ARCH, don't try to use ldd and search libs
  within /usr/$DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE/lib/ (should test the find libs with


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