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Bug#174016: debsig-verify (potato) should be set to conflct or replace in dpkg for sid

Package: dpkg                                                         
Version: 1.10.9                                                       
I destroy most of my /etc dir and rebuilt it by reinstalling a lot of 
debs though i got this error i had to --force-all                     
after digging this error message come from debsig-verify which is not 
in the sid (it s a potato upgraded box)                               
so i guess a conflict should be made on the debsig-verify package     
which should have been removed (harmfull until the debsig-verify      
config is broken)                                                     
debsig: Origin Signature check failed. This deb might not be signed.  
La vérification du paquet                                             
/var/cache/apt/archives/ncurses-bin_5.3.20021109-2_i386.deb a échoué  
(which mean packet checking failed, this wasn t translated though i   
set the locale to en_US anyway that s not the point here)             
i typed :                                                             
dpkg -i package.deb (does on any package i got)                       
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