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patch: hard links -> symlinks


we run the whole system in afs. But afs doesn't support hard links
accross directories. So dpkg fails if it installs packages, that contains
hard links. There aren't so many, but libc6 is one of them and if it
comes out of unstable we have a problem.

So I must place in dpkg a few lines of code, they install symlinks
instead of hard links.

My wish is, that this patch could find his way in the offical source of
dpkg. So I will create an option for this and include it at a correct

And this is the problem. I thought lib/tarfn.c:TarExtractor() ist the
right place, but I saw that the decision that is made there isn't
useless. The real decision is made in main/archives.c:tarobject(). Is
this correct?

Should I place my code there or is clean up of the code planed, that
places this decision in another function?

Any onther comments to this action?

Salut, Joerg.

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