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Bug#170825: dpkg does not respect virtual dependencies when upgrading.

Hello ...

I reported this bug 14 days ago, but don't even got an answer.

Do you think there is a solution to this problem, are you too busy to
work on it or something such. Or do you simply think this is a stupid
bug report and are ignoring it ?

If you are busy, it would have been nice to tell us, since we are
holding up a major change in the whole pool of ocaml packages because of

Also, if you have no time to fix this, or even to consider it, i may
look into this myself (altough a few pointers to where to start would
be fine), not that i have much time, but i think it is important.

Note that apt knows how to handle this correctly, and when installing
(as opposed to upgrading) a package, this does not occur.

So i guess dpkg needs only to check when upgrading a package that a
needed virtual depends was in the old package and not in the new one. It
should not be too difficult, unless dpkg is severly misdesigned, which i
think it is not.

BTW, is this related to the versionned virtual dependency bug ?


Sven Luther

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