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Re: [devel-ref] author/homepage in description

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 12:31:48PM -0900, Britton wrote:

> I don't like this.  The pages listed will end up being wrong half the time

I think you exaggerate.  Especially since this is optional (it's going
in devel-ref as part of best-practices, not in policy as a
requirement).  So, if the maintainer knows that the home page is
subject to change without notice, then he won't put it in the
description.  But many packages have home pages that haven't changed
in decades, and aren't likely to.

> and google can find homepages very well and everybody knows it, so what is
> the point in adding this?

Convenience.  Someone browsing our package pages can just click
through instead of jumping to google and manually typing in the
package name (and maybe mistyping it).  This works right now.  And we
could add a "jump-to-homepage" feature to dselect or aptitude in
future, for further convenience.  (Probably not in dselect, I admit.)

Plus, google may not always help.  if you search google for, say,
"rat", you're probably going to find more information about rodents
than about the Debian package named "rat".

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