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Thanksgiving Sale

We want to thank you for your past business and wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday this year.  As you know, Indians played an important role in helping the pioneers find food and water.  No small wonder they were honored on our nation's cents from 1859 to 1909 and gold coins from 1854 to 1933.   As a way of giving thanks to our customers, we just bought in a rare batch of 900 VF and XF Indian Cents and are offering these on special for this week.  Nice mixture of dates from the 1880s to 1909.   Our regular wholesale price for solid VF coins is $1.95 and $6.00 for solid XF.
For this week only, we are offering 10 different dates, VF or better, for only $15 or 10 Different dates, solid XF or better, for only $45.  Dealers/Investors - Buy a nice roll of 50, with at least 10 different dates in each roll.  VF roll of 50, only $69.  XF roll of 50, only $195.  Limit: 5 rolls of each per customer at these low wholesale prices.    
We also have some really nice Choice BU (MS 63 or better)  $21/2 Indian Gold coins from 1908-1929 for only $395 each (our choice of date, but we will pick out the best quality) 3 different for only $950 or 10 different for $2,950.  Limit: 10 per customer. 
Please add $6 to help with postage and insurance on all orders. 
Thank you again,
P.S. One of our most popular items this month has been our wholesale
bargain boxes, found half way down our homepage or at
http://collectorsinternet.com/wholesalebargainbox.htm.  We are getting many
repeat orders from other dealers.  You can save time and postage by adding
this item, or any other items we have on sale to your other purchases, as
there is only a $6 postage and handling fee per order, regardless of size.


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