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Bug#170825: dpkg does not respect virtual dependencies when upgrading.

Package: dpkg
Version: 1.10.9

Hello, ...

I have the following problem with one of my packages :

ocaml-base provides ocaml-base-3.06
liblablgl-ocaml depends on ocaml-base-3.06

both of these are installed.

Now i modified ocaml-base, and changed the provide to ocaml-base-3.06-1.

if i install ocaml-base on a clean box, and try to install
liblablgl-ocaml it will complain that ocaml-base-3.06 is not installed
and refuse to install.

Now if i use a box with ocaml-base and liblablgl-ocaml already
installed, and install the new ocaml-base (upgrading it), i was
expecting dpkg to complain that the old ocaml-base provided
ocaml-base-3.06 which is needed by liblablgl-ocaml, and the new
ocaml-base is no more providing it. 

This did not happen, the new ocaml-base installed cleanly, and broke all
existing ocaml bytecode packages as well as my ocaml building


Sven Luther

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