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Bug#158915: dpkg: update-alternatives stomps on installed file?

On Fri, 30 Aug 2002, Ian Zimmerman wrote:

> Package: dpkg
> Version: 1.10
> Severity: normal
> with sources.list pointing at testing, try this:
> apt-get install tkmail
> file /usr/bin/dotlock
> dpkg -S /usr/bin/dotlock
> apt-get install maildrop
> file /usr/bin/dotlock
> It is the packages' responsibility to set this right (tkmail should ship
> dotlock.tkmail instead), but nevertheless I think update-alternatives
> should check for and stop this before it happens (make maildrop installation
> fail).  After all, that's what would happen if maildrop tried to ship
> /usr/bin/dotlock as a straight file.

Er, please say exactly what you mean.  Running the commands you give above,
shows that update-alternatives does *not* change /usr/bin/dotlock into a
symlink into /etc/alternatives.

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