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Re: translations...

On Fri, 30 Aug 2002, Martin Quinson wrote:

> [snip]

I won't discuss the details of your message, but here are some generic ideas I
have been playing with that will help your situation.

I have recently been doing lots of memory reduction tweaks to dpkg.
Currently, dpkg-query -S dpkg takes 48% less memory in my work dir, then the
one in /usr/bin.

While, that doesn't immediately help you, I have thought about making
description fields handled specially.  Instead of dpkg storing the text of the
description field in memory, it would store a reference to a file, and
start/stop offsets.  In the dpkg-query -S case, this would 430k.  In the
dpkg-query -l case, it'd said 4.6m.

Because of this large mem savings, it may well be worth doing.  Once that is
done, it's relativly easy to have alternate descriptions made available, and
very little cost.

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