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dpkg-parsechangelog -v logic broken


I wanted the last (first) two entries of my changelog, 1.2.0-1 and 1.2.5-1,
to be included in the changes file. So, I tried dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
-v1.2, but that didn't work: all of the entries were included instead.
(What a stupid fallback, that.)

By reading the source, I realized the problem: it requires an _exact_
version after which to show stuff, not just any one.

If given an inexistent version, parsechangelog/debian should behave nicely
and compare the version via dpkg --compare-versions or something similar,
if there's a Perl module to use to do this, even better.

The problematic line is line 64, which uses 'if $2 eq $since' instead of
something like 'if system("dpkg --compare-versions $2 lt $since") == 0'.

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