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Bug#157210: dselect: info lacking in conflict-resolution lists

Package: dselect
Version: 1.10.4
Severity: normal

When I select a package (mesag-dev) providing a virtual package (libgl-dev)
which another package (xlibmesa-dev) already provides, dselect changes to
"recursive package listing", and lists as reasons for mesag-dev for appearing:

| mesag-dev depends on mesag3 (=
| mesag-dev conflicts with libgl-dev
| mesag-dev conflicts with libgl-dev
| mesag-dev provides libgl-dev

One can only notice by selecting xlibmesa-dev that it is this package which
really causes the conflict:

| mesag-dev conflicts with libgl-dev
| xlibmesa-dev provides libgl-dev

It looks like the line "xlibmesa-dev provides libgl-dev" at least should
appear in the mesag-dev list.  Other packages providing the virtual package
may be useful to mention as well, even when not already selected for

Maybe, more concisely, we could have something like:

| mesag-dev depends on mesag3 (=
| mesag-dev conflicts with libgl-dev (provided by: mesag-dev, xlibmesa-dev, mesa3+ggi-dev, libutahglx-dev)

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